On Saturday, October 14th we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra. Eclipses are thresholds and this one in particular is an initiation into a deeper sense of Self-awareness so that we can experience new levels of embodiment and realization. Who we are will always be a reflection of who and what we are in relationship to, and this season seeks to expand or implode our contracts and commitments where appropriate.

The second eclipse of October happens on the 28th and is in the sign of Taurus. This lunar eclipse closes out a chapter of collective growth and evolution that asks you to evaluate whether or not you've done the work in the places you seek the rewards. It also asks us to evaluate what we deem to be most valuable through the lens of our actions and investments in time and resources.

In essence, we are asked to not only practice what we preach but to organize our lives in such a way that who we claim we are is reflected in everything and everyone around us. These adjustments and reality checks can be jarring, but they serve as necessary realignments for our highest good.

An example of these adjustments is this post you're reading right now. While you'll find backdated posts of migrated content that will continue to be uploaded over the coming days, this is the first post I've written our our new platform. So thank you for being here. To those of you who have been journeying with me over the last 5 years, thank you for your continued support. To the folks discovering this work for the first time, welcome. I hope you'll stick around awhile if what you read or watch resonates.

To go deeper with this eclipse, I've created a guide to help you partner with this astrology in a grounding and meaningful way. Inside, you'll find collective messages related to the themes of this eclipse that will impact the next 6 months, contemplative questions, and zodiac-specific channeled guidance. Grab it here.

Timil Jones is an oracle, multidimensional healing artist, spiritual advisor, and leadership coach who is creating, documenting, and storytelling through the lens of spiritual awakening.

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