Last night I hosted our 2024 Visioning Circle. A common sentiment was the tension between desire and frustration. The Capricorn angst in the air is thick. There is a deep craving for more, alongside a despair that is eroding previously solid foundations. The morning after the new moon gives us the energy and clarity to provide ourselves with a reality check. If there's accountability we've been avoiding, apologies owed, and action required on our end, we find the grace to move forward. If we've been evading necessary endings we find that the eggshells we typically walk on become landmines. Remember this game?

Cluster-bomb : r/Minesweeper

Everywhere we turn will remind us of the course corrections available to us at this time. Remember to think long-term like I suggested in the January energy report. When we zoom out the path becomes clearer. Even in the clarity, know that mistakes are unavoidable. Using perfection as a map will keep you circling at a standstill. Enlarging your territory requires getting comfortable with the unknown.

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