In @theoverflo IG stories earlier this month I joked about my AuDHD brain feeling like perpetual Mercury Retrograde at times. Particularly the time I wrote January's monthly energy report. In it I talked about the powerful generational transition that is Pluto moving into Aquarius. However, in the museletter, I called this stage of Pluto's transit a retrograde. I meant to say that Pluto would retrograde through Capricorn for a final time later this year. Charge it to the 'tism, not to my heart.

Interestingly enough, when I think of neurodivergence at large I think of Aquarius. Aquarius can represent the hive mind, and the ability to independently think. Pluto kissing the sun today brings a disruption to cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance. As we enter into a monumental Aqua season I'm thinking of the compassion, grace, and detachment that comes from engaging in a universally available Love.

Accepting we are all wired uniquely, and entitled to express differently, is an essential prerequisite to cultivating both Self and communal belonging. We need to be curious about why someone thinks the way they think. We need to be aware of our reactions and responses to witnessing someone in their fullness. We need to be able to regulate in the face of someone collapsing as a result of crumbling and failing belief systems and institutions. When we engage in this level of observation we can begin to spotlight ways we are resisting our own evolution. At this time we must embrace the risks required to be who it is we've feared would be rejected. Even if we take these risks in private, this is a powerful time to initiate an individuation that contributes to our freedom.

I'll be going deeper with these meditations and all things Aquarius season in next month's energy report, available to all paid members. You can subscribe here.

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Friends Say The Smartest Things

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I know the dopest people. Most of them came into my life from me being brave enough to share my creativity with the world, i.e. my not-so-random soul cluster corner of the internet. In this sporadic segment of the museletter I'll be sharing some of the most potent, thought-provoking, and soul-stirring questions, exchanges, and conversational snippets with their consent.

Leo : "how does one deal with the pain of the world we live in while still counting one's life as meaningful?"

Me: "I have an oddly specific and hopefully helpful answer that I will share via voice note when I leave this closure brunch with [redacted] 🫠🙃🖤"

A summary of the full voice note response was an invitation to always come back to the root chakra, not to disconnect, not to numb out, not to disengage from empathy, but to tend to our own needs, our own pain. I had already been musing about this when asked. I have always been deeply connected to the Earth, and had just been advised by one of my trusted spiritual guides, Jynnette Lewis, to adjust from experiencing daily life from my Earth star chakra (our connection to the Earth's core), and instead to shift to my root chakra.

A Snippet is Here

Making Meaning From Pain - a musing from Timil

Transcription: "...I feel like dealing primarily with our own personal pain is a way to make meaning of our individual life because pain and suffering is everywhere and we cannot escape it being human. I think that individuating into human existence is a decision to experience and become intimate with suffering. That is not a pretty answer or a pleasing answer, it is just a factual incarnate acceptance. That is not to say that we must suffer in perpetuity, but that we must become familiar and acquainted with it at a level..."

Leo: ... i wanted to ask someone that i knew was also literally feeling in pain from all the suffering everywhere. i knew you would have thought about it and would have a perspective that i would appreciate and honor.

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