“There’s nobody more available for space than those of us whose ancestors came over in the Middle Passage, because space is middle passage." - Nikki Giovanni

If you're keeping up with my Ways of Wisdom - Black History Meditation Series you know that I watched Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project. There is something very activating about watching someone so actively embodying their purpose. It speaks to you on the DNA level and says, "Yes, that's what it looks and feels like. Remember? Are you ready?" I felt a similar activation when I watched New Blue Sun by André 3000 in theatres recently. In a Q&A after the showing of the film, he explained that the title New Blue Sun represented what he imagines the rebirth of the Sun to be after our current sun explodes. He said he imagines it burns cooler than our sun now. This Aquarius season I'm thinking about the way artists are vessels for powerful channelings they may think are just products of their imagination, instead of proof of contact with a supermind, a consciousness that interacts with all space time, and dimensions. I'm thinking about the way art, creativity, and meditation created the opportunity for me to see myself in other planes, other lifetimes, and in other forms. I'm thinking about the ways some folks respond when as an oracle I report to them the things of this world and others and they respond with words like imaginal, instead of liminal.

You see, I've been to Mars.

I've been to the Sun and the Moon.

I've even been to Pluto, in Aquarius now, allowing myself to take shape in the form I'm meant to be at this time, on this planet, on this timeline, and on the timelines I continue to choose. And still, I've chosen this Earth. This body. This life. Healing. Prophesying. Poetry. Artistry. Teaching. Writing. Healing. Singing. Responsibility.


You see, I've been to Mars.

My new blue Sun's birthday is this week, on the New moon in Aquarius. I named my child's production company Aqua Sun Productions 1 year and a half ago in collaboration with my Aquarian child who has dreams of creating, directing, and producing films. To me, the name perfectly represents my child who in so many ways is clear about who he is and what he wants. He is a new blue sun, burning cooler than most, but bringing warmth through unconditional love. What would it look like for me to create an environment where he never has to change who he is? Never has to mask? Never has to condense himself for fear of failure, rejection, or crumbling the egos of others.

What would happen if I created the same space for my Self?

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