Meet Our 

Timil Jones is the founder of overflo. She is the resident oracle and caretaker of this space, channeling guidance for our membership, The Sanctuary.  She also facilitates our 12 week immersive group program, REBIRTH that is offered twice a year.- Enrollment opens Sept 1.


intuitive wellness coach

Ashleah Nelson is a wellness coach and educator dedicated to shifting wellness inward.  Her approach is informed by her experiences as a social worker and sexual health advocate- prioritizing intuitive knowledge, body positivity, and pleasure. Through individual and group coaching, Ashleah serves women of color who are committed to living fully. 



reiki master teacher + healer

Shayla Herndon-Edmunds is a healer, coach, wife, mom, and boss!  And, much like her life, Shayla's journey to becoming Usui Reiki Master Teacher was guided by synchroncities and divine intervention. 


After practicing Usui Reiki to support her family and clients for two years, Shayla received her Master Teacher training and attunement in July of 2015, while nine-months pregnant with her third child! Over the last seven years, Shayla has integrated Reiki and its principles into her family life, personal care, and her work as a healer. 


reiki master + energy worker

Lara is a UK based reiki master practitioner from the Usui lineage and a vibrational flower essence practitioner. She's studied sound therapy and specialises in distance healing so that  she can help as many people around the world as she can.  She's very interested quantum physics and vibrational healing information.