Lara Pearce

Reiki Master/Energy Worker

My name is Lara and I’m the founder of Rose Star Energy Alignment. I’m a reiki master practitioner from the Usui lineage. I also am a vibrational flower essence practitioner, I've studied sound therapy and am attuned to The Light Of Lemuria . I specialise in distance healing so that I can help as many people around the world as I can. I’m turning into quite the quantum physics and vibrational healing information seeker.

Of late, I’ve been focusing on the healing of the great mother and the divine feminine energy of the world. Heart opening and connecting with how healing your heart can change your life as well as connecting all of the chakras in your body and helping to create energetic harmony.

I’m really working on building community and awakening the collective to healing trauma, that they don’t even realise is trauma. Working with other amazing healers to raise the vibration of the collective.

I was drawn to energy healing because of the holistic approach which looks at healing the whole body not just treating the symptoms. The focus is alignment and balance.

Why energy and vibrational healing?

Vibrational healing focuses on balancing the body into harmony on an emotional cellular level, aligning energy to allow the body to heal on a physical level. Reiki does not replace medical treatment but acts as a complimentary treatment.

Busy environments and work spaces can lead to built up tension and emotional stress. When we do not align, balance and acknowledge our emotions it can cause health problems and lead to disease (dis-ease). Especially with what’s going on in the world now, we need to have clarity and control of our emotions and understanding of why we feel the way we do.

How I found reiki

I spent 2018 going through lesson after lesson with this same recurring themes and went into 2019 a lot clearer and the calling of reiki came up again after being called many times before. This time I listened to the signs and committed. I studied and qualified to master level and my reiki journey began. 2019 brought its own challenges and similar themes as the previous two years - as lessons weren’t fully learnt - but my response was different. I was different. I credit the stillness of meditation, journaling and the alignment of energy that reiki provides.

By no means am I now in 2020 healed, but I’m on the path and I want my journey to help inspire you to do the same.

In the spirituality space I think it’s important that there is represention for all backgrounds so am passionate that everyone from all walks of life have the opportunity to take part in energy alignment from someone who looks like them.

What is reiki and how does distance Reiki work?

Reiki means ‘universal life force’ in Japanese. Reiki is energy based healing and transcends time, space and religion. Which means that it can be sent forwards in time, and back again or stay just here at this second. Reiki can help with anything from grounding and easing anxiety to aligning monetary abundance by addressing blockages in your chakras that have stopped you moving forward.

Reiki energy is channeled through the my hands, and I place or hovers my hands over the client body channeling the energy. In distance reiki sessions a substitute is used for the client, I mostly perform a session on myself using a reiki master symbol to send the reiki to wherever the client is.

What does Reiki feel like?

Some people feel a warm or cold sensation where the practitioner places or hovers their hands over the body. Some people feel nothing at all. Some people have other sensations in their body or have visions during a session and again some people don’t see anything.

Reiki works with everyone differently. I sometime pick up on clients’ ailments or have visual scenarios come to me during sessions. I’ve also had loved ones who have transitioned, pop in for a while.

Just remember reiki is always working correctly and as it should be - as long as you have the intention that it is. After a session you should feel grounded and have a sense of peace, calm and clarity.


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