Who We Are

overflo. is a spiritual wellness house. we are a nurturing space for the rediscovery of your sacred Self.

below is our about us blessing from beloved mystic Sanyu Estelle

To flow over in order to swim, flow and let flow. To provide room, area, distance, stretches of time to flow overinto, in front of or before turning again, back anew or against. The opposite of coming together to cover over you. Instead providing space that you may sanctify your Self.

A = first letter of Roman Alphabet, from Greek, from Phoenician, shared with Hebrew from Semitic. Suspected to be based on the depiction of an Ox

Nurture (from Nourish) = "to swim, flow, let flow"

Space (Unknown Origin, Last known Latin) = "room, area, distance, stretch of time" 

For = "forward" hence "in front of, before, etc."

Re = to turn" hence "again, back, anew, against"

Dis- + Cover = "the opposite of" + "together, with" "to cover, over"

Your = "ye, you"

Sacred = "to sanctify"

Self = "self" "referring back to the subject of the sentence"