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How refreshing to talk about healing, growth and abundance spiritually looking forward to the rest of the series !

Yassss!! And YASSSSS!!

this podcast is EVERYTHING I needed in this moment in my life. We always vibe on the same wavelength! Thank you for this!

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Imagining The Future of Faith

 Timil Jones talks to porsha williams gates about imagining and living into a holistic faith practice. To connect with porsha's work you can visit and

On instagram : @porshanality @porshanalitymedia

intro: imagining the future of faith
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want to hear more? come through. 

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Relationships and the Ascension Path

Relationships are often the gateway to ascension and heart opening.  Timil Jones talks to Jynnette Lewis about soulmates, twin flames, and friendship on the awakening journey.

Intro: Relationships on the Ascension Path
00:00 / 04:22
Ancestor Veneration as Birthright

Timil Jones talks with Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí about ancestor veneration. Timil channels a special message about the impact of maintaining a relationship with our ancestors.

Intro: Ancestral Veneration as Birthright
00:00 / 01:13
Collective Consciousness

Timil Jones talks to Sanyu Estelle about activism in the age of Aquarius and being a mystic. Purchase Sanyu's album GOOD GRIEF on Bandcamp, and stream where ever you get your music.

Intro: Collective Consciousness
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like a kickback, but with Spirit.

what y'all talking 'bout?

Taking care of ourselves for real. Mind, body, and soul.

Healing our Self, and healing in relationship.

Ascension, metaphysics, spirituality, all the woo woo.

Creating personal and spiritual practices for our evolving Self.


are you tapped in and listening? let us know what you think, and what you want to talk about next time.