June Moneyscopes- Gemini Season

Happy Gemini Season! Geminis are curious, knowledgable, witty, and adventurous .They are the life of the party. They are creative powerhouses. Geminis are fun, period. During Gemini season we begin to experience summer and we feel freer and more alive. But this month won't be all fun and games. Mars and Mercury will be in Cancer, so we'll be forced to try and understand our emotions instead of being controlled by them. There is so much power and mastery that comes from OBSERVING ourselves. The mind can be a prison, and we’re able to break free this month through a beautiful combination of emotional intelligence and play.

Here are your moneyscopes:

Gemini- Happy birthday Gemini. It seems like you aren’t just celebrating a new year of life, but also the closing out of a chapter you’ve been struggling with for some time. It’s a successful end to a cycle whether it feels like it or not. You are being moved by the Universe into new territory and being recognized by your peers, colleagues, and those in a position of authority. Ask for what you want if and when the opportunity presents itself. God is fighting a lot of battles for you, so claim your victories in advance by being bold enough to go after EXACTLY what you want in this next season of your life. Because the spotlight is on you this month, be sure and make all of your moves in honesty and integrity. There are no shortcuts to success and your commitment to truth, especially your personal ones, will be rewarded. You are gifted, you are a light, and it’s time for you to shine. Allow yourself to be elevated now. Don’t run away from your greatness. You have the opportunity to be put on a pedestal, don’t shy away from it out of fear of failure. The world can’t take away what God gives you.

Cancer -Wealth and wellness is your primary focus this month Cancer. As you get prepared for your season, now is the time to get your physical house and your spiritual house in order. You are kind, smart, loyal, and bring a warmth wherever you go. That type of light attracts everything, wanted and unwanted. Don’t change who you are, even when the wrong energy approaches you. Be firm with your boundaries, and don’t be distracted this month by other people’s issues. It’s in your nature to care for and be a listening ear, and it’s what makes you an amazing person. But this month is all about enjoying the life you’ve created and to keep envisioning and creating a life that reflects the stability, security, and abundance you desire. Listen to your intuition when it comes to any new opportunities - because there are many options available right now. Keep a close watch on your routines and your spending, and focus on the family. You know what matters most to you, and right now your daily actions need to reflect that.

Leo- Now is the time to let go of the past and move forward into your purpose and fulfillment. You maybe grieving the loss of a relationship, a job, or just feeling discontented with the way things are. But the power to change everything and manifest a new reality really is in your hands. Love is a powerful force, and love of Self is what is going to get you past whatever perceived failures that are in the recent past. If you have creative projects that you feel are stagnant, it’s time to revisit those now and remember why you started pursuing them. A commitment to what makes you whole and happy is where your focus should be now, instead of what looks like success to the world. The phrase “If you’re tired of starting over, then stop giving up” is coming through strongly for you Leo. Pursuing your personal legend is a journey that is going to unfold in beautiful and varying ways but you have to keep your focus on your heart, and not the exterior manifestations of success. Stay true to yourself, stay true to your happiness, and hold tight to your dreams. All things are possible when you forgive yourself and have the courage to keep moving forward.

Virgo- This month you will find a much needed grounding through prioritizing your pleasure. There is a shift that can be taken advantage of if you embrace boundaries and self care. Refusing to be a martyr and a mule, does not mean you stop serving humanity. You are called to be of service, and in most cases you can’t help but be, but you don’t have to be self sacrificing. No one can give from an empty cup, and in June you are embodying that realization. You are recognizing how powerful you are when you preserve your energy. You are naturally abundant but your generosity, when unchecked, can leave you feeling empty and exhausted. You don’t want that feeling anymore and just a few adjustments can get you out of that space. Solitude is sacred and in your alone time you will gain clarity about the relationships in your life that need to be redirected, reconstructed or removed from your life altogether. You will feel a sense of fulfillment and joy by being able to be fully present in the relationships that mean the most to you once you stop spreading yourself so thin. Outside of dealing with others, it’s important to accept that your value is not rooted in your productivity. Abundance is your essence, and it will continue to flow to you when you take a break. You deserve it.

Libra- I know it can be difficult for you to make decisions. It’s because you do your best to see all sides and all the possibilities that can come from your choice. But it’s keeping you stuck. You may be in a season of transition where many choices need to be made. I know this feels like pressure, but there really are no wrong choices this month Libra. It’s only when you decide and start living the realities of the decisions that will you know how you feel about them. It’s through emotional guidance and intuition that you’re able to free yourself now, not by logic alone. Continue being thoughtful and rational after you start down the path you choose. You don’t have anything to be afraid of. Trust yourself, communicate your truths with grace, and honor yourself for being bold enough to get unstuck.

Scorpio- Starting over doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You like to feel fully in control, but this month it’s okay to accept the fact that God is. Go with the flow and recognize where the current is taking you. Success is coming too, but you must stop fighting against where the Universe is trying to position you. There are many indications that you’ve been anxious for nothing, so if you’re still worrying about how things are going to turn our with money or your career, you’re asked to let that go. Surrendering to Spirit isn’t weakness, it is strength and courage through faith. Yes, you still have to show up and do the work that is required of you, but right now your job is to be ready for divine opportunities- not the things you’ve tried to force into place. Beware of your temper this month. You need good rapport and cooperative relationships to help guide you through what is a crossroads in your professional life or life in general. Manage your stress levels the best you can so that you don’t have emotional outbursts that cause unnecessary disharmony. Too many good things are ahead to let anger kill your joy. Don’t let anyone, even if they are out of pocket, get you out of your flow.

Sagittarius- Your level up is here, and it won’t come without a few challenges. But don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle. New opportunities are being handed to you, and all that’s being asked of you is to prepare yourself for success. If you need to take a refresher course, or study up on something, do whatever it takes to boost your confidence. You deserve prosperity, and just because you are being given a big break, doesn’t mean you didn’t do the work to deserve it. Alignment and divine timing feel so much better than the obsessing and stress we can sometimes engage in when it comes to our success tract. You are a go getter, and your passion is undeniable, but God’s blessings are above what we ask or think. Blessings are so much bigger than anything we can earn. So embrace being a co-creator with the divine and walk forward in victory. You wouldn’t have been given the opportunity if you weren’t up for the task, so simply show up as your authentic self and do your work. You will be rewarded for it.

Capricorn- Emotional maturity is required from you now. Passion is fine, but mastery of your emotional fire is alchemy. In order to get what you want, you have to bring yourself to a place of inner peace so that you can refocus on the goal/dream at hand. Be patient, be consistent, and be dedicated. Basically be you. Things are being aligned for you in ways that may not be apparent to you now, so you are being asked not to get frustrated if you don’t see immediate results. Pray and journal and express gratitude to the Universe for what your life is now. Be honest and vulnerable with the Divine about what it is you are trying to build. By the end of the month you may get news that is related to your answered prayer. Don’t let your impatience or discontent keep you from being present. You need to be alert right now, and not zoned out or numbed out by your routines. Things are shifting for you but you need to be awake and conscious enough to see the signs being sent. Those signs are keys to the path ahead that leads exactly where you’re trying to go.

Aquarius- This month is about merging practical knowledge and deep intuition. You’re going to have to make some judgement calls about the new direction of your life. It’s important that you follow your heart, but also practice/prepare for presenting yourself. You may be asking for a raise or applying for a new position this month, or you may be just be taking on more responsibilities. Don’t let anything, including the unknown, intimidate you. You’ve been holding back and hiding your gifts and talents for long enough. The truth of who you are and what you want for yourself is behind the risks you’ve been unwilling to take in the past. Take the chance and bet on yourself. It will pay off.

Pisces-Just because one opportunity isn’t as fruitful as you thought it would be doesn’t mean you failed. You are building a legacy, and it’s important that you keep that legacy in the forefront of your mind as you push forward from whatever losses have happened. Disappointments in love and money are lessons that we can integrate as we keep building a life that reflects the ideals we value. Mastery doesn’t come without setbacks. Continue to be creative, stay connected to your support systems, and ask for advice from your trusted advisors where necessary. New opportunities will come, and they’ll be fruitful and more aligned with your purpose. Don’t wallow in defeat, or let the grief take you off of the path you usually see so clearly. Commitment to your craft, vision, and mission will sustain you and soon you’ll laugh at the mistakes that were made along the way.

Aries- After some healing of the heart, you may feel your passion ignited as well as a surge of creative energy. If you’ve been thinking of applying for a new job or charting a completely different career path, the time is now. Ancient alchemist turned lead into gold. That’s the type of miracle possible for you now with faith and focus. June is filled with opportunities that appear to come out of thin air, solutions to longstanding problems, and signs that lead and guide the way. You are also positioned to use your knowledge and experience to create new opportunities instead of waiting for them to arrive. You are a leader, but you tend to start things and not finish them. Spirit is guiding you focus on creating a life that you’re proud of, and a life that truly reflects who you are. You don’t have to burn out or have false starts when you choose a path that honors your soul. Be honest about what you want and pray for exactly that.

Taurus- It’s time to walk away from a situation or person that’s run its course. A new beginning is possible and may even be necessary. Just because you can withstand pain, doesn’t mean you have to. Your loyalty needs to be transferred to yourself and you can make this transition by thinking your way out. Use the naturally curious energy of Gemini season to ask all of the right questions. You may not be able to up and leave, but you can ask around, seek expert advice, and start planning your next moves. You don’t like change, but it may be essential to preserve your general wellness. Don’t be afraid, just prepare. Everything will be better than fine once you use your discernment to make the shifts you’ve known you’ve needed to make for a while.

Monthly Moneyscopes are general, money-focused intuitive tarotscopes for the collective. To book a personal reading click here.

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