The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is an inclusive and affirming sacred community intuitively designed for communion with your Self and soul family. 
Every month you'll get near personal intuitive tarot guidance for every sign from our resident oracle, Timil Jones- previously offered in our on demand subscription.
We'll meet as a community once month to talk about the guidance and real lived experience of the messages that came through. We'll also cover curated spiritual wellness topics selected by you + the rest of the community. 
 (You'll get access to all existing content from the previous month when you join).


The Sanctuary

" I love being a part of this group because I feel like you really connect with us on the astral energies.  You bring it real and there is no fear in that realness.  You bring a “buckle in - we got this” energy and guidance and I so love that. "


"This is amazing! I've been really wanting a space to explore the intersections between spiritual growth and psychological and social maturity in myself. A space that is both aspirational and grounded. Some of my interests are: developing my intuition, having a healing container to help nourish the frayed and wearied healer in myself, working on maintaining my boundaries with firmness and love (which I feel requires both spiritual and mental-emotional resources), and having a place that helps hold me accountable to my practices too. "