This is a time-specific channeled message incorporating a timeless understanding of the zodiacal archetypes. You can read for Sun, Rising, and Venus signs.

Here are your Surprise, Surprise Valentine's Day tea-spilling lovescopes for 2024.

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Aries- Your Aries love needs to be reminded of their innocence and worthiness now. If they've recently lost a parent or have a strained relationship with a caregiver, it may be hard for them to receive. Try opting for or adding sincere words of affirmation to any gifts you give.

Taurus- Your Taurus bae is quite literally in the business of Love. What that means for them now is they may be stretched emotionally and energetically. Their capacity is low. They need grace as they recharge, and love from you may look like offering to complete a task, taking something off their plate, or gifting them some activity/time alone. Be sure NOT to schedule anything for them, no matter how integrated your lives are.

Gemini- Your Gemini lover is redefining pleasure and focused on the bag. This looks like some heavy internal lifting that has them evaluating any emotional and spiritual blocks. If you're feeling insecure or not sure where you stand with them, you may be a stumbling block or a stressor. It's okay to be available for more than someone has the capacity for. The biggest gift you can give them right now is trust. If you are a Gemini, understanding where and why your pain and pleasure intersect is the key to upending those blocks.

Cancer- Your Cancer boo may be feeling like they are fighting for their lives right now. After a series of codependent relationships, karmic connections, and hard-learned life lessons they are finally in a place of freedom. If you are in their lives right now it's because you made the spiritual and cosmic cut. There is a hedge of protection around them as they continue to see the truth of who they are during this time of upleveling. The biggest gift you can give them is honoring their bigness, asking them what they need to feel loved, and giving them room to experiment in this untravelled landscape.

Leo- Your Sunshine needs a commitment from you. It doesn't have to be a proposal, but what display of affection through investment have you given lately? Are they on your schedule? Do they feel prioritized? When is your next activity, date, or trip together? Did you ask them what they wanted or did you just try to surprise them based on assumptions you made? Your Leo boo is more sensitive than you think. Small displays go a lot further than grandiose ones that are actually about you.

Virgo- What can you give your sexual intellectual? The understanding that you have a true appreciation for their mind is a start. Show them that you are committed to protecting their peace and the time that they have fiercely carved out for themselves. Tell them how you followed their advice, instead of asking them to do it for you. Watch how their eyes light up. Magic.

Libra- Your anxious romantic needs an experience of luxury. A somatic-focused gift is the way to their heart. Picture a bathhouse, a massage, or a body care kit. It's what they need to ease their troubled mind.

Scorpio- Your mysterious loves need the safety to express their heart's desires. The fortress walls around their heart space are there for a reason. Show them you are a safe place by offering a container of openness and non-judgment.

Sagittarius- Your normally brave beloved doesn't know who to trust right now. As they experience upheaval in their community and challenges in their work life, let them know you love them by respecting their privacy. Telling them I told you so about so and so or such and such isn't going to help. They have to learn this lesson on their own.

Capricorn- You may notice your excellence-driven favorite is lighter than they have been in years. This is because they are embracing creativity and releasing the burden of solving other people's problems and dishonoring their own needs. Celebrate this season of Self-discovery and exploration by taking them to a workshop or an art show. Show them a new trick or concept you learned purely for their pleasure. Impress them with your new skills.

Aquarius- Your favorite experience is bored with it all. They are in a season of hibernation and reinvention. Trying something new together isn't just a matter of pushing boundaries, but mending their heart. Show them that you're willing to step outside of the box with them. Show them they are worth the risk.

Pisces- Your sacred siren is standing in the need of prayer. For a whole host of reasons they may feel under attack, or unable to create or produce in ways that translate into the abundance they know is available to them by the Universe. An invitation to a spiritual circle, a booked session with their favorite healer, or an obsidian orb are the perfect gifts for them at this time.

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