On March 7th, the planet of dominance, restraint, and perfection will enter Pisces and remain there for 3 years. Pisces is home to our collective consciousness and loosely holds the wonders of our interpersonal quests for Divine Love. So imagine how uncomfortable it will be when Saturn attempts to establish a sense of order to an energy that is unequivocally unbound. We will have to surrender and release all false senses of control and ego that we have derived from external power structures, even the ones we've had a hand in creating. Our belief systems, traditions, relationships, professions, and overall sense of Self will experience a cosmic baptism. This transformation will be a wide spread purification that covers all levels of existence, and will particularly affect leaders, governments, institutions, and organizations that weaponize Spirit against the people in their care. This bend towards accountability and responsibility makes way for new templates of leadership to be established, and requires us to be extremely boundaried and compassionate as people come into expanded awareness.

An understandable hopelessness will accompany the loss of personal identities rooted in the idea of being right, and the natural stages of grief will be experienced by all who decide that cognitive dissonance is an insufficient coping mechanism after awakening to new Truths. As folks search for something to replace what has been released, it is the responsibility of guides, healers, and teachers to cultivate and encourage Self knowledge through their various modalities of expertise.

For those of you who do not consider yourself to be in the role of guide, healer, or teacher it is so important that you heal out loud. This does not mean that you tell all your business or share every or any revelation you've received from the Divine. Healing out loud in this context means being a willing witness and an affirming voice of support to people finding their way back to the way of Love.

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Ways to intentionally work with the energy of the Saturn in Pisces transit:

Learn new and strengthen previously learned energetic boundary techniques.

Read a sacred text from a cultural context other than your own and find the contradictions and parallels.

Go deeper by finding what house in your birth chart Saturn will be transiting to see how you'll personally be impacted and where growth will be happening for you.

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